How long can a dog go without pooping?
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Now my two buggers wont poop!  }<<>>{ }<<>>{ }<<>>{

They didnt poop for 24 hours....

how long can they go without pooping?
Mary [deryni]:
A while.  Queenie usually only goes once a day, but not always...  They are probably still getting over whatever it was they had - give them a while longer and they should produce!
From one extreme to the other.. huh?

When we moved, Minnie changed from going 2 x a day to once.  Then she went a whole day and a half without going.

I think they should be ok. If you gave them anything to stop the big D, then it is working.  They should go soon.
You have them on  a light diet, too.. so not as much to get rid of.
Ok, thanks guys.  I feel better now.

I know, they are driving me up the wall.   }<<>>{

But they dont have any discomfort or anything.

Eventually they will go right?
Yup.. I had Minnie out every hour trying to get her to go!  Then she went.. just like normal.
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