Chestnuts - okay for dogs to eat?
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Last night, Jasmine picked something up and started chewing.  She did drop it.  I saw it was a chestnut and I tossed it somewhere else in the yard.  It wasn't very far and she found it right away and started chewing it again.  She did drop it for me again and I threw it away inside the house.  I was just wondering if it was okay for her to just eat it.  My neighbor has a chestnut tree and we often have chestnuts in our yard, probably from the squirrels.  I bet she has eaten them before and I never knew it, since Jasmine and Honey would find stuff in the grass and be chomping away.  I always wondered what they found.  I know she eats peanuts without trouble and I think she has had walnuts without any problem. I have no clue on the chestnuts, though.
The chestnut tree itself is on aspca's non-toxic list - I have no idea about the chestnuts themselves. Will do some more research later today.
Well, there's a bunch of different chestnut trees out there - some nuts are edible and some aren't. Leaves the question as to whether non-edible means harmful. And it doesn't mention dogs, so I have no idea.
Well Corgi has eaten the type of chestnuts that you buy at the market.  He always peeled the outer layer and ate only the inside nuts. He has eaten them raw and cooked. He loves them. 

Warning to Dawn. Prepare for room clearing GAS.  :EEK: Especially for the first timer.  Good luck.  ;D
oooh room clearing gas - good warning. hehe.

logan peels banana peels, but i don't know if he could peel a chestnut!
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