Coroporate pet shops
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ummmm I dunno...   ^**^  ~:~:~:

But please.. lets keep it clean..  we prefer you use  ^%^   

Thinking about starting a contest on who can make the best sentence using emoticons!!   *: ~_~@
Cool! Also, is it okay to send an invitation to other I-doggers to come and join?
That's totally up to you!

Speaking of Petsmart, we have to get over there to buy Jasmine a new ball thing.  she is tired of her red ball finally and it needs to be put away for a while and something new purchased.  She used to fetch the red ball endlessly and right now, it's once or twice and she is done.

They have a cool soccer ball on a rope thing and the Boingo ball.  I think she would enjoy either one of those.  She loves it when use the Chuck-It to toss tennis balls and I certainly can't throw them very far without it!
You don't stick to topics???
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