Coroporate pet shops
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Yup.  I think ours has automatic doors, too and about a 1/4 to a half-mile away, to the east, is an interstate highway!  Just to the north is a state highway.  Pretty scary stuff for a puppy.
Open doors at mine too. I just question bringning them there and not a trainer.
The playroom at the hotel had a door into the store that was usually locked but the trainers would use the room and leave the door unlocked. There's an "elimination room" between the playroom and the back so there are 2 other doors as a buffer, but the trainers would frequently leave one of those doors open, so we had to be sure to pay attention so as not to let dogs loose to go hurtling towards the automatic front door.

Also . . . the chairs in the lobby of the hotel had little pillows with dog heads and there was this one crazy lady who would bring her little female dog in all the time cause her dog loved to hump the pillows. (Is there a rolling my eyes emoticon?;)
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