Coroporate pet shops
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I do the same thing - bring the dogs to the local big pet chain stores - occassionally buy a toy - but, aside from that, it is great for training.   )>>>(
Now THAT'S got to be one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time!  }${
We used to go to PetSmart a lot because they had puppy playtime. Every Saturday morning. It was brilliant! We were always buying stuff. Not food, but toys, etc. They cancelled it and I wrote and complained. There only excuse was that there space wasn't big enough. But it's big enough for the training classes you have to PAY for.  >:(
Speaking of that, I was always concerned about how they hold the classes right in the store.  If a pup gets loose and makes it to the front doors just as a customer is walking in, that could be a disaster, especially since most of those places are located near busy highways. 
Kim H:
At mine it is an automatic door, so if it was a big enough pup they could probably open the door too!!  Scary thought
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