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Author Topic: Pippi Longstocking  (Read 4946 times)
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« on: October 10, 2015, 02:15:03 PM »

Pippi has been gone 9 years but she was such a remarkable, unusual cat that I want to tell her story.

Back in '89 a stray cat showed up at my brother & SIL's house and had 5 or 6 kittens. She was in such pitiful shape and could not feed the kittens so they took over. 1 or 2 died. I can't remember if there 6 and 2 died, or 5 and 1 died. But a any rate they ended up with 3 males and 1 female. My brother was in the fire department and worked 24 hours on, 48 off. When he was home they took turns getting up at night to feed the kittens, when he was at the station, my SIL did all the feeding.

When the kittens were about 3 weeks old my mom was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor and my brother brought her to live with them for the time she had left. I was going up there to Austin (200 miles) every weekend, and I fell in love with the female kitten. And when she was 6 weeks old, I brought her home with me.. At the time I had my Irish Setter, Boots, and my son had taken in a stray kitten, now grown up, he named Rusti. She was solid black. The kitten had white front feet (SIL had called her Mittens), and her back feet and legs were white to her knees. I named her Pippi Longstocking after the little girl in the kids book and movie She had a little white on her chest and whiskers were white.

Well, My Boots loved Rusti and he wanted to be friends with kitten Pippi, but she was scared of him and would hiss and slap at him. Pippi wanted to be friends with Rusti (who was friends with Boots), but Rusti wanted no part of the kitten. It took a while but all 3 got to be friends. Oh, my Mom died 2 months after diagnosis, but I already had Pippi here anyway.

Well, when Pippi was about 3 she decided she no longer wanted to use the litter box. Change of box, change of litter didn't matter. She would go in the bath tub or closet floor (on carpet) if she could get in. No choice but to put her outside. One day Rusti dashed out and we never saw her again..altho once we did see a cat that acted like her around the corner, but not for sure.

Now Pippi was such an unusual cat. she did not wander nor roam. She stayed in our yard or would venture into the yards on either side of us, but that was it. She only crossed our little street when she followed us to mail box. She loved to lay in the Wandering Dew at the side of the house and just watch. We put her a "cat house" on the front poor that had carpet in it and was totally protected from wind and rain. Also, we put a brick under the garage door so she could go into the garage if she wanted to.

Her best friend was the 2 pound Chihuahua next door. They would let their 4 chi's out and Tara would run to met Pippi, Pippi to meet her. Pippi would just rub her head on Tara, purring up a storm. She was about twice as tall and twice as long---not counting tail--as Tara was. The other 3 chis, all much bigger than Tara, were scared to death of Pippi and would bark and growl at her, but if she walked towards them, they would dash back to the house.

She also loved a fox terrier down the street. Mary walked Prissy 2-3 times a day and when Pippi saw them coming down the sidewalk, she would go down and wait for them, and then greet Prissy the way she greet Tara. Mary thought it was so cute that Prissy and Pippi were friends.

also, she was 9 years old before she was ever around a small child and that was our grandson Zack and she LOVED HIM. Was the same with all as they arrived. If they were in the front yard she was right with them, just purring. They could carry her by her head, her tail, upside down, it didn't matter to her. We would make the put her down and she would stay right with them.

If we were doing yard work out there, she was right with us like a dog would be. Would take a seat on retaining wall and she would come and get in our lap. Funny thing, she would NOT come into the house on her own. However, if one of the grandkids brought her in, she was content to sit in their lap in chair or be carried around as long as they wanted her in.

I used microwave fresh fish for the dogs and once I gave her her first taste of it, she would not touch "fish" cat food. She wanted the real thing. She was dainty, only weighting 8 pounds, but she was the rarest of cats in my long life. She was 17 when she died having never been sick a day in her life. Only trips to vet were wellness and vax after her spaying. I could never bring myself to get another as there would never be another Pippi Longstocking.

This is my now 16 year old grandson carrying Pippi around. Believe it or not, she was just purring up a storm when I made him let her go.  And she hung right when him.  Most cats  would have been growling and clawing him , and then running off to hide when released.  Not Pippi, she just stayed right with him purring.

And this is my 12 year old granddaughter carrying Pippi around.  I have another picture, but couldn't locate it, where she has Pippi by the head.  Was so funny, the 14 year old boy next door came running over screaming "You are choking the cat, you are choking the cat" and when he got close, stopped and looked astonished as he said "The cat is PURRING"  I told him, yep Pipsters didn't care how she was carried aso long asit was a kid doing it.  But I did make Maddie carry her right...and snapped this picture.

And just one of Pippi coming to get some love

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My baby boy Tucker

« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2015, 04:18:23 PM »

AAAAHHHH How sweet Pippi's story.  Sounds like she was a true gift to many. 
Our cat Maxie still pins down our Chihuahuas and cleans them.  She has been caring for them since we brought them home 12 years ago.  They are HER babies even though one of them is larger than her now. 
Pippi was beautiful baby.  Glad you had such a long life with her too.
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« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2015, 06:08:46 PM »

Just saw this.

How sweet.

You can never replace the dog that you lost in your heart~ you can only make your heart a little bit bigger to include a new one.
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