Its bed time can we go to bed can we can we can we
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So to continue with the Suzie-isms....

We have tried, and are still trying,, to understand her and her needs.  Her inner being continues to astound, suprise and amaze us.

At a certain point in the evening, Suzie decides its time to go to bed.  She throws a tantrum, similar to...hey dum dums, I gotta go outside.  Barking and running around acting quite the fool.  Her real goal is either:

1.  Let's go to bed.   She will then climb up on the pillows and wait for me to fall asleep, at which point she will go to her bed and fall asleep.  Or,

2.  Wait till I get up, and which point she will climb into my chair and fall asleep. 

Same thing every day.   How in the world did this little one weasel her way...

Here is the point....never thought I'd love a little one again.  Not this much anyway.  Holy cow, they just worm their way in....RESCUE DOGS ROCK!
Doc Stan:
I never cared for any dogs OR any other animal until Old Mauser crawled into my lap. the little monster never stoped until he got in my heart in a BIG way..

Know what U mean..  Doc }W*F{ }^{
Dave, you've hit on something. When you have a rescue dog or a shelter dog, there is so much to learn about their needs and personalities and how very unique they are. I am still finding Kaden's little quirks and stuff. It's a fun journey to take isn't it.  ;D
She reminds me of a 2 yr old child.  She has her temper tantrums and her hissy fits.. then all is good when she gets her way.  ::)

She is very much into routines. Like any dog.. I guess it makes her feels comfortable.
We HAVE to have our nightly chase and run around the house game.
She has you two well trained.  ;D
Try 7 in one house. :EEK:  Reggie has to be with me nearly always, even when I leave, he goes most places with me.  Tonight in Walmart he was the main topic of conversation while checking out.   Meakoe is velcroed to me while I am home and patiently waits for me while I am gone.
Shaggy is glued to Dustin.  Kyra took a long while getting use to car rides and figuring she was coming home with us everytime.  And she goes to training classes 2x a week.   Odaat's biggest worry is how is he going to get to the catfood before the cats do and not get caught.  Bully is usually very relaxed as long as no one gets too close to Brandon.  Brandon is his human.  Scooby Doo goes between Brandon and me and is our most playful rambunctious one out of the bunch.  He is the only one not a rescue.  I think the rescues appreciate their time with you more than non rescues and it takes them longer to relax in the household. 
Imagine 7 Suzies in your house.  ;D ~_~@
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