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Seejay gave me a heck of a time this morning.  Usually, he would just go down the stairs and be outside all day until I got home, what ever time that might be. He can't go down the basement stairs any more and he needs medicine with food in the morning.  I took him out to potty this morning, gave him his pills with a handful of dog food and took him out the back door to the gate.  He put the brakes on and didn't want to go.  I finally got him in the yard but felt bad about it.
I would love to leave him in the house but it has been years since he was in the house alone for any length of time. The reason for that is he and Ivy would tear the place up.  I don't know how he would do for a whole 8 or 9 hours by himself inside.  I am going to start leaving him in when we have Scouts a couple evenings a week.
Anybody have any ideas?  I want to make him as comfortable and happy as possible.
Last night I got on my husband's case for raising his voice at Seejay.  We were having dinner and Seejay laid his head on the table.  My husband told him loudly to get his head off the table.  I was horrified.  Lol
Kim H:
I'm not sure what your asking. Do you want ideas on how to keep him inside without tearing up the house or ideas on how to want him to go outside?
I would prefer him to be inside, I guess.  I'm at work right now and its raining.  I never liked leaving them outside but even more so now.
I agree with Trisha in your other post. He may be mellowed out with the pills, now. Try it for short periods of time.
Are planning on leaving Ivy with him too?
Kim H:
What I would do is baby gate him\them in an area where they can do the least amount of damage. Give them several things to occupy them--frozen kongs, treat toys, comfy beds, etc. They even make Kong dispensers now where you can set it to drop one for your dog every 2, 4 or whatever hours. I agree, do it for shorter periods and then on the long day have someone that they know (or you intro them to ahead of time) come over about half way through the day and let them out and check on them.
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