Animal Planet exposes Petland
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Check your local listings.

Thanks for the link MM!
 }Y*SS{  I just could not figure out what time zone the times were referring to. }huh{
I put on AP and thought I missed it then realized the link is on EST.

That was a hard show to watch but could have been much worse: they didn't show any dead dogs. What stuck out to me was the shattering of the myth that millers are basically white trash too poor to have pee pot. Many of those homes were very nice, that one stucco was amazing, and the millers obviously make a lot of money off their abusive businesses.   :(  :###:

Seeing all those dogs in wire cages, some obviously had gone insane, was almost too much. I kept picking Kiva up and loving on her. We don't have a Petland here we have Pet-O-Rama which is just as bad.

I saw this advertised but i didn't watch it.  I have a very hard time watching shows like this or watching shows about dog fighting. :(
It is proly better I did not see it either.  I am really glad there is so much publicity about them.
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