Pssst. He's Gone for a minute....
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OMG! OMG! OMG! the human slave stepped otu for a minut so i gotta tipe fast. today was hte best day ever. i acted all sad and bored and the human slave took me and kaden to the tall grass park.....a prary or somethng. OMG was it fun. we walked for a long time and i got to snif all kinds of stinky stuf and roll in it too. we hant ben to that park in a year. the silly human slave fergot to bring water but it was okay. we saw turtltls and fish and scary birds called hawks. kaden peed on eveything........dum boys.  ::) ther was othr dogs ther but the slave got made they wernt on leashs and he siad bad words he usually says in the car or when kaden pees on the coffee table.

i heer him coming back....gotta go.


ps: i made him drag the all the books of the shelvs today.....i made the slave think i lost my toy.  >:D
oh Kiva!!  You are such a sneaky girl for making him think you lost your toy!

I had a gud day too! I wuz laying outside with Mom and I seed somthing moving across the yard! I stood up and looked, but it wasnt moving fast, I didnt know whut it was! It dinnt move very fast but it wuz big!  Mom went to look to see whut it was and she said it wuz a turtle. She walked me over and I wasnt very interested in it cuz it didn't move. All the people came out to look. It wuz pertty big!

Then the people that live next door came with there dog Abby,  I wuz good, til Mom showed me she had treats, then Abby got one too and I din't like that.

I'm so glad you had the best day ever! I hope to go swimming soon! Mom keeps saying it's too cold.. whutever...
Omg omg omg Kiva, you gots to rull in stinky stuff?  I broke out of my yerd yesserday and I found an awsum stinky pile.  I rulled and rulled in it.  I came home, mommy picked me up and yelled about how stinky I wuz.  My human Bwandon took a shower with me.  I guess he rulled too.  
My mom blocked where I broke out of my yerd.  I hafta find out where Bwandons pile is and rull there.

Scooby Doo
Sounds like a gud day, Kiva!  I luvs me sum stinkie stuff, too!  The hyumen gets so upset when I rolls in stinkie stuffs.  I just can't help myself.   
The slave is shredddin stuff in the other room.  ::) We went back today......with water......and walked alot again. wee got so tired. on the wya back i sat in frnt of the ac and let is blow ovr my face.  ;D the human slave is givin us bones tonite.  }snoopy{

He's commin. bye.

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