Walk for the Greyhounds!
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This is what Eric, Cana and I are doing tonight!  I never get to participate in things like this on weekends, because I work during the day.  This is at 7:00 this evening!  }^{

That's great you get to do this!

A Greyhound racing track near here is closing at the end of the year... I wonder what will happen to all the dogs?  :(

AJ, it sounds like a great event and lots of fun. I guess Pumpkin is too old to attend.

The dog track here is being purchased by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma which owns a horde of casinos.
It sounds like a fun outing. I hope they have a lot of people to help them raise money.

Live greyhound racing is banned in Louisiana. One plague we do not have !
Hope you have a great time.  Glad this is one you can participate in.
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