I will not ....
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poop on the leash in MY VERY OWN BACKYARD.

Be happy I agree to pee in those conditions. I don't know what my human is thinking !  }:+-+:{  Perhaps she is afraid to get lost and thinks she needs me to find the door. She's not getting any younger but still... the backyard is not that big ! If she want me to poop on the leash, it is easy, just give me a good walk.

What do you mean, lowly human, I cannot go for walks at the moment ! This is a torture house, I tell you. I cannot play with my little sister, I cannot go on the sofa, I cannot go fast anywhere... I must be down, down, down and watch my steps.  ::)   It's not because I limp that I need to be napping all the time. Girls gotta have fun ! How long is this going to last, he ? }....tP....{

Your ready-to-hold-it-until-she-drops-the-leash friend,

 };)+*( Poor Spip, when I want revenge on my human I jump up and down and pester him for lap time. Then I jump down and then want back up. It drives him crazy.  >:D

Its ok to poop on the leash!  My mommy always tells me good girl when i do and when we get back in the house i gets a special treat.

I don't poops in my backyard either. I makes my mommy take me for a walk.  She can use the ezercize.
You can always poop in the driveway.  That makes mama and daddy really happy, especially when you do it right outside where they get in and out of that car thang.  Me and my brother Duke do it sometimes.  Boo, don't, but he's a sissy-boy and likes to hide in the woods to do it.
Ah, I had partial revenge. For the ones who do not know, I am a poop walker. Sooo, I waited until it was dark to agree to go, made my human walk right with me all accross the yard and... yes, she half stepped in my poo. She praised me to have gone but I also heard some other words in a very low voice as she was cleaning her shoe.

Got to do that one again  >:D
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