oh bozs is tired
mom says we was going to hafs companies froms ga and i says of the bozs and baby girl.
wells i still didnts get to play with baby girl but the bozs we walks and played with littles fire trucks and m stuffs animals and legos ands i stopps the icecream truck or thems and well thans we went to park and played iso tired they now went to another grandmas for a couples days oh yes I likes tyler he is 4 will be 5 in 8 days he sleeps on my blankets and he he hugs me all nights. i give him lots kisses cause he wants to play with me all the time but the others do to but hes me favorite. I had to have a nap now so goods nights.

You sounds like you had fun!!

I found me a little boy at the pets store.  I sats my butt down so he'd pet me but i culdn't stops my tail from waggin.  The daddy said thats i looked friendly so he lets him pet me!!!  I snucks up and kissed him! 

I likes kids
Glad you had a gud time.  ^^&^^

I luv kidz. 2 nice kidz liv next door. I wunt tem to pat me but dad duznt like tem kidz cuz tey dunt tak care uv ther own doggy. I dunt lik ter dog. Hez krazy.

I gots res so they comes bak tomorroo and Igets to playagains to bads they go home next sat.
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