stopping icream truck
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hey you friends of mine
  I found out you can stop the icream truck
all you got to do is to pretend that you have to do your buisness and mom silly mom will put ya on the chain and than you do a friendly bark like woooffffffffffsounds like you are asking them to feel sorry for you and they stop. and than mom goes and gets me a sour pop cycle they are my favorite.the icream lady loves me she says she has never been stopped or begged to stop by a cute little puppy.

ohhhhhhhh rilly?  I've gots to try that!

I loves ice kream!
U iz teh smartess pupper. Daz a gud trick but shhhhh, doan let ur momma reed diz or no moar eyes kream.
That wouldn't work for me.. I bark at the trucks!
Me. I love ice cream trucks.  ;D Kiva, on the other hand, freaks out. I think the speaker system hurts her ears.

I need to dip up AJ's thread on making home made pupcicles.  :D I think Kaden and Bellanova would love them.
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