What a stressful Day
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  I had a stressful day today. First thing after mom had her coffee time and computer time I got up thought I could play. But no it was time to go outside and watch her water the lawn take me for a walk. and than here it comes she put me in the big thing that holds water. Puts this liquid stuff on me and than it lathered up. Into foam. let it set for a minute. rinsed me and than dried me off. I was glade that was over. But she fooled me again. turns on the stove oh boy breakfast. eggs bacon toast. oh boy I am drooling. she did give me a small piece of bacon. But here it comes. after dishes thought we would go back outside. wrong she got the machine that makes noise out and ran it all over the floor. moved furniture and wiped it off. why I was hiding cause some day she going to let it get me.
 Than oh boy we go outside to walk somemore I thought. No big green loud truck came and I started running for the door to hide under dads computer. but he put a board up there so I could not get there. where can I go big truck getting closer. I went and hid in their closet . And the big truck didnt get me. I got mom back because she couldnt find me for a few minutes. But no more loud things please
Aaahhh poor baby!  Sorry your day was so crazy.  Those big things are very scary ya know.  I send the big dogs after them.  I stay behind them and cheer them on.  Hope tomorrow is a lot better or you may want to stay in that closet awhile. }doghouse{
Signed Scooby Doo.
Sorry you are still scared of the noises. I just bark at them! Chases them away.  ;D

ooooooh the evil humans and stupid baths!  We hate them here as well but mommy always gets us!  we try to stay clean but i guess we do no good.  Mommy always say "pay back time" what a weirdo.  We are shibas you know  }N*O*{ we dont do water!  }Stomp{

sorry the big truck scared you.  and what is up w/ your daddy blocking with the board.  Walk right up to it a pee on it, that will make him move it.

ugh dont get us started with the big loud thing that mommy moves around on the floor!  our mama use it on us!  she is so evil.

Corgi & Tsuki
Wow she uses that thing on you two. should hide than she cannot find you till she puts it away. But I wish I could not be scared of that big truck I would like to be friends with the human in it.
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