look what I got
I love to eat little tennis balls so mommy got me this great big one. I play with it for hours.She said if I break it she will get another one. I even figured out how to carry it. and throw it and use my feet to move it it is so much fun. and when jimmy comes over we can play keep away from him. His is my bested buddy. besides my moms grandsons. But they live so far away I have to wait a year to see them . But jimmy comes over everyday with his friends and we play and play .
My dad sucks.  :###: He has never bought me a ball like that.  }ssosad{  I love balls more than life and I've never seen one that big. It's HUGE!  }*HRTS*{ You are so lucky!!!  }snoopy{

 }H5{ Lady!!!!!  That looks like fun! Lucky you!

I hads a ball likes that once.  I wonder what my mommy did with it?  I have lots of balls but not that big anymore.

You is one lucky pup!

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