How to tell if your dog is going deaf?
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When she never really listened to me to start with.......  ::)

I think Minnie is losing her hearing.
The only experience I have had with a deaf dog was Laydi. She lost her hearing around 15 (?) I think. But with her it was easy to tell. With Min, it's hard to tell if she is ignoring me or going deaf.
She's going to be 'around 12' this year.  :( Kinda scares me because we lost Kyra at 13. Laydi lived to be almost 19.
Any tests to find out if she really is losing her hearing that I can do?
Aaaw, Terri, Minnie is going to be there with you for a long long time still.  }runhug{

I found a few ideas for testing at home (see for more info).
Jangle keys, a rattle, or a can of coins Squeak a toy (be sure that air from the toy doesn't hit the dog - try it behind your back) Call your dog in a normal voice - try yelling Clap your hands (you should be far enough away so that he doesn't feel air movement) Whistle or (if you're musically challenged) blow a whistle Turn on a vacuum cleaner (be sure it's far enough away from the dog so that the vibrations or airflow don't reach him) Bang two pots together (be careful of air vibrations reaching your dog) Ring a bell or have someone ring your telephone or doorbell
Those are supposed to be done at a distance, with the dog not looking at you or even asleep.

There is also a test called BAER that can be administered by some vets but it seems it is kinda expensive and not available everywhere.

My personal home test would be "Do you want a cookie ?". If it did not result in two butts in front of the appropriate kitchen cabinet, something would be wrong.  ::)

One thing I would do now if you think Minnie starts having trouble hearing is to teach her some hand signals for common commands if she does not know any yet.

Those are good suggestions. Minnie will be around for a long while. This just kinda reminded me of when Bridjett my yorkie started going deaf. Somehow she couldnt hear anything no matter how we yelled or what we did....but cut open a package of trail bologna and somehow she would be the first one to the kitchen on her hind legs begging for some.  }:+-+:{something just didnt seem right about that haha.
Thanks. Yes, Minnie still hears ( or maybe smells) when someone is eating.

She already knows some hand signals. Like come.

I'll try some of the other suggestions.
Harry has incredibly selective hearing. We'll make up our minds over the course of a week or two that he is, indeed, going deaf, and then it just takes one little thing....and then we realize that we have been fooled, yet again.  ::)

I do think that his hearing isn't quite as sharp as it once was, but it has a lot to do with how much ambient sound is present.

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