A new iPod !!!
What a happy day, Pam (wife) said I was crying like a kid, I bought an iPod,, ya know one of them things called a "Shuffle" about the size of a book of matches, (I don't smoke) and carries about 2 hours of music,, I hve never owned one, always wanted one, but NOW Porsche does my listening for me!! I watched her real close today on our early morning walk,, she did her thing, any time someone or thing was coming up behind me, she alerted me just perfect,, she was "Strutting" her stuff makin me proud,, Doc,, eat yer heart out,,,  she is a self trained and she is readt for her test now,,, but I will keep on polishing her skills..

Good morning all..

 ^^&^^  Congratulations on the new i-pod!
Doc Stan:
   I am glad she is doin' well.  Most all Dogs are quick on the uptake if U show a  little love and attention
and are consistent. I never actually gave little Mauser any training. He just watched the others and picked
up on it on his own real quick.  A firm , FAIR diciplinary action is what they expect when they screw up
and that is what they get . They don't seem to mind as long as it is immediate and FAIR..   But when it
is over , it's over..  [like article 15.. or office hours]     I never had much use for cell phones or any other
hand held device like a radio or ipod  but I can see a time when I will need one I guess.  but until I just
HAVE to, I ain't gonna.
    A young lady stopped me while entering K-Mart not long ago and tried her best to sell me a phone
of some description.  She had a table set up inside so I figured it was on the up and up. 
    She acted like I lost it when I told her that I had NO use for one.  I told her that I had a phone at
home and one at work and If I was anywhere else I did not want to be found.  I told her that I did not
have a master and was not ''owned'' so I had no desire to wear a leash.   I would not have laid it on
so heavy if she had just taken a hint and slacked off.   
       The smartest one of my crew is the female rescue Kaya.[daddy's little girl ]  she has pretty much taught herself
also.    Doc.. }huh{
Stan,, sorry I missed this one, I really know what you mean,, Pam and I have a hard time understanding "WHY" anyone would need a home phone any more!!!  My cell is always in my pocket, caller ID shows me who is calling, if I don't know the caller,,, it goes to voice mail, no message, no call back..., it takes pictures, no long distance charges, what else could I want!!

Now on the dogs trining them selves, you are right 1000%, my "old" Porsche really trained herself, this was when my head was in real bad shape from the Nam, I have built so many bunkers in the house, town parks etc,,, the dog "took" to me and just knew what to do, UNBELIEVEABLE.... then it was a love between us that was unbelieveable also,,, she was great, I am working on trying to get this Porsche into that same level, she will make it...

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