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Author Topic: Busy Saturday!  (Read 479 times)
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« on: March 19, 2006, 06:47:47 AM »

 had a busy saturday yesterday.  First I started out by taking almost every single toy out of my toy box.  I wanted to see what was wayyyyyyyyy down at the bottom.  The toys at the bottom are almost new to me again.

Then off to help with the laundry.  I wait by the clothes chute for it to open so I can catch the towels.  I caught three by the way.

Next comes vacumming.  Have to help mom .  How else could she vacuum without me biting the front of that loud machine?  I especially like to wait until she goes around a corner and then do a surprise attack.  Mom doesn't seem too thrilled though when i do it.  She makes this noise to me like eh eh eh.  I just look at her like i have no clue what she is talking about.

Then i saw mom go and get dressed.  I got so excited!  I want to go I want to go!!!  Mom puts on my harness~ i'm going!  I let mom drive my car.   It is my car~ the back seat has a blanket with dog feet on it so that's how i know the car is mine too.  The windows have molly marks on them too.  Yes~ the car is mine!

We pull into the groomers place.  I have to pee!  There's so many smells there i just gotta pee!  I do and we go inside.  I really don't feel like getting my nails cut though so i keep pulling them away from the lady.  I even keep kissing her to distract her but she must have a really bad obsession with my nails because she won't stop.  Finally i figured it out.  If i hold still it goes faster than if i pull away.  That groomer lady is soooo slow.  I'd rather bite my own nails.  It's not all bad though~ i got two peanut butter biscuits out of the deal.  Those make good crumbs in my car.
That's ok~ mommy will clean them up.

Back in the car~ now where mom?  Cmon~ i don't want to go home yet.  Where is she driving to?  This isn't home!  Yes~ were going somewhere else!  We pull into another parking lot.  Mom get's me out....I 've been here before!  This is where they sell new toys!  Yes!!! new toys and bones and good smells and other dogs!  I try to pull mom faster into the store but she has my easy walk harness on me.  I can't pull much anymore.  Geesh~ when did she get so smart?

As soon as we walk in the door I see something.  They smell funny.  They are in cages with little balls in them.  Mom said they're  hamsters.  I thought they were a new toy.  I like watching them though.  They look liike a ball with fur on them.  Mom said~ nope your not getting one.
Geesh~ i was only looking.

We walk down the collar aisle.  Yea yea~ i got a new one mom~ i don't need another one.  Let's get to the good stuff!  Good she's not really stopping there just slowing down a little.  Next i see kittens and cat's in adoption cages.  Aww those poor things don't have homes.  I remember not having a home.  But the memory is fading a lot.  I hope they get a home soon.  They need someone to love them.

Now were in the dog food aisle.  Mom doesn't buy my food here.  She says they don't sell the kind i eat.  So we just keep on walking and turn a corner and this BIG dog is just sitting there looking at me!  I think i scared him too because we all kind of jumped.  Mom says he was a brindled boxer.  His mommy said his name was Griffin and he's 8 mos old.  My mom said he was adorable.  I thought i was the only one allowed to be adorable.  Anyways he sniffed me all over~ he even sniffed my bum!  I didn't like that.  His nose was cold.  Anyways after all that sniffing he wants to play!!  Yes!!! A playmate!!  We jump and leap and wrestle!  He knocked down a display.  I didn't.  Uh uh~ wasn't me.  It was him!  Even the people that work there were laughing at us.  We had a good time but his mommy said it was time to go.  That's why i don't wear a watch.  I dont' care what time it is.

So next were in the toy aisle and mommy got me another new toy!  Yes!  I knew she would.  And she bought me a new bone!  I saw griffin two more times before we had to leave.

So anyways~ i had a good day and i was tired.  So i was glad when my mommy and daddy went out yesterday afternoon and gave me my kong.  I just slept until they came back.


You can never replace the dog that you lost in your heart~ you can only make your heart a little bit bigger to include a new one.
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« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2006, 07:25:37 AM »

  wow it sounds like a busy day I like chasing the vaccum to. Mom does not like it much either. Sounds like you had a very nice time at the store to. Glade the people who work there thought it was funny. We dont have a laundry shoot butI do wait until mom puts the close in the piles three of them. Than when she isnt looking I either take the wash rags or a shock and just go put them in anyroom where she isnt I do that until she catches me boy she dont like that either. But it is fun well you have a nice day . Talk with you soon Buster
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2006, 07:40:32 AM »

Wow, both of you had a fun day!  I barely got to see mom.  She had to keep going to the school to hear Sarah play her clarinet.  Hmmph.  Why couldn't she stay home and play with me?  Even the other kid complained that the day was all about Sarah.  She got left home, too.

Maybe today will be better.  I stay away from the vacuum, but still stay close enough to watch.  Mom says that the last dog liked biting the vacuum cleaner and it was annoying, so she doesn't let me do it.  She says it's easier if I just leave it alone.

I like going to the pet store, too.  I also get all excited!
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« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2006, 03:50:26 PM »

Wow Molly! What a busy day. I got to go to the store with my Mom too.. but we just got my food.  Sad

Hope you are all rested up today.

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