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Title: A scare
Post by: janpo1 on April 12, 2013, 07:01:23 AM

Molly gave me a scare this morning. She's going on or already 11 yrs old ,
around 55 lbs . I spilled grease on the floor yesterday. I mopped it up
least i thought i got it all. She fell hard this morning right before going for
our walk. She was running to get to the back door in the kitchen and down she
went. She couldnt get up. It had to have hurt . I hurried up and lifted her
up and rubbed her back end. She limped for the first few steps. I had visions
of going to the emergency vet. Then she shook it off and we went on our walk as
usual. I gave her half an aspirin. I came home and washed the floor again. I'm
also going to take her to get her nails cut this morning again. Anything to
help. That's why i can't have hard wood. Molly slides all over the place.
Ginger did too . Maybe it's because they're both 50 some pounds and a bigger
dog. I felt so bad.

She seems fine...right now she's playing by my chair with her ball wanting me
to throw it for her.

Title: Re: A scare
Post by: KivaLuver on April 12, 2013, 07:49:57 AM
I'm happy she seems none the worse for her spill.  };)+*( It's not just big dogs. Kiva had issues on my tile kitchen floor so I put down a lot of rugs for her. Hopefully Molly won't be sore from her slip. If she seems a little off, you might try getting her to rest on a heating pad turned down low. Give her some skritches for me.

Title: Re: A scare
Post by: KDN on April 12, 2013, 09:09:00 AM
I bet that did you scare you!  Definitely would have me, and I'm always one to imagine all the worst possibilities.  Hope she gets to feeling better soon.  Slow down, Molly girl!

Title: Re: A scare
Post by: minniesmom on April 12, 2013, 09:23:55 AM
Glad she's ok!
We got rugs to put down in the rooms that have hardwood for Minnie. She couldn't walk at all on them without slipping!