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Title: Temperament testing shelter dogs - Need input
Post by: LoveMy2 on March 24, 2010, 05:35:29 PM
There is a Lab at the municipal shelter who will not be put out for adoption because she has allergies. }THD{

A Colorado rescue is interested in her but they want somebody to go and assess her before comitting to her. I could end up being the one doing that Friday.  :o  The shelter will let me see her but I don't know how much time and cooperation I'll have. The person I talked to there described her as fine with other dogs, friendly with humans and has seen no signs of food aggression. The rescue seems most interested in finding out about dog and food aggression. I've read a bit on temperament testing but have no formal training of any kind.

I need your input about how to conduct the testing/assessment in such a setting. What would you bring ? I am thinking a good leash/collar, a toy, some food/treats. What are in your opinion the big red flags ? What would be a "green light" dog ? Help !

Title: Re: Temperament testing shelter dogs - Need input
Post by: KivaLuver on March 24, 2010, 09:16:02 PM
Check out this thread.

Title: Re: Temperament testing shelter dogs - Need input
Post by: janpo1 on March 25, 2010, 11:54:57 AM

I don't know exactly what they want but shelter dogs are usually tested for food aggression etc before being put up for adoption.   I would think the shelter she's at would have already done that and have the paperwork for you.

My last two dogs have come from a shelter and basically all i looked for was did they come to the front of the cage when i was there .  Answer is yes to both of my dogs.  Were they friendly, interactive etc.

Molly lied to us though.  Each visit when we took her into a private room she would greet us, play and then lay down on the floor like she was calm.  It was after we adopted her and brought her home that her nickname became "wild child" and her whole calm thing was just an act for us to adopt her! ;D

Title: Re: Temperament testing shelter dogs - Need input
Post by: LoveMy2 on March 25, 2010, 07:17:38 PM
Thanks for the link. I cannot believe I did not think about searching the forum. Duh, me ! I printed the two main lists of advice and the Colorado rescue will call me tonight to explain what they want.

I've had contact with dogs put out for adoption from this shelter. None was human aggressive but a couple were, if not agressive, not quite dog-friendly either. Of course, the setting in which I met those dogs (Petco adoptions) is not where most dogs would shine. I don't think they do any kind of formal assessment. We are talking about your basic county high volume shelter here, lots of dogs in, few dogs out. However, I talked to the a shelter employee who described her as good with dogs, friendly with humans, having show no sign of food aggression but since she is not even proposed for adoption because of her allergies, I do not know how much they handled her. Another person I talked who met her described her as "seems to be a nice dog" so basically, I know I am not out to meet Cujo.

I am going tomorrow right after work. I hope she passes because she would be flown all the way to Colorado to start her new life  and find her forever home there sometime next week if she does. I feel a heavy responsibility but am eager to meet her. I'll get her history, try to find more about her allergies and get some pics for the rescue.