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Title: About this board - READ FIRST
Post by: Kim H on April 13, 2007, 11:20:45 AM
Welcome to Dog Addicts and to our Rescue\Foster Section of the board.  If you've spent anytime here, you've noticed that many of our members are involved in all different aspects of rescue and fostering.  We love our dogs, but we also love all dogs and want them to be treated well and see all of them in wonderful loving homes.  If your looking to find a new home for your dog, you'll find that a "free to a good home" post or something similar will be met with suggestions on how to keep your dog. Most of us feel that there are no "good" excuses for getting rid of a dog that you originally committed to giving a good home, your time and energy.

Sharing your life with a dog should be a lifetime committment and thorough thought should go into if you are ready financially, if you have the time and energy and are willing to commit to all the responsibilities that having a dog entails.  Posting "want" ads for free or "cheap" dogs will also typically be met with references to the costs associated with having a dog.  If you can't commit to an adoption fee, how will you have the resources to support vet bills, food and other dog necessities.

Dogs are a wonderful companion and can bring such joy to our lives. But somehow our society has given little value to the committment that should be made to dogs and so we find hundreds upon hundreds of dogs in shelters, given up because "they are too hyper," "we had a baby," or "our yard isn't big enough anymore."  If you're looking for a dog and have thought through the responsibilities and are ready for the committment, you are in the right place.  If you're involved in fostering or looking to place or transport a rescue, you are also in the right place. Its our goal to help as many as we can and fortunately we've had the opportunity to have many success stories of dogs being rescued and placed in wonderful forever homes.