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What a bargain!
Last week, we went out to dinner with about 20 people and then decided to go to this part of Ft. Lauderdale called

Las Olas!  We went to Killwin's ice cream parlor!

Next to Killwin's was this boutique.  We were standing outside taking pictures and just talking and I saw this dress on the wall and went in to look at it! 

I love corals, peaches, oranges etc.  The dress I went in to look at wasn't really the type of material I thought it was,
But there was a dress hanging next to it that I liked.

The price tag said $149!  eeek  I was not going to spend $149 on that dress!

Then E walked in with me and told me to try it on......Told him no because I didn't want to see what it looked like on,
for that price!

Well, he told the woman she'd have to work with him on it and he had me try it on.  As I was in the dressing room, I hear all this pitter patter of feet and giggling!   rotfl

I open the curtain and all of the kids, of the people we were with, were sitting on the couch waiting for me to come out!  rotfl

They all liked it!   E really liked it and said it would be perfect for the cruise.

The woman came down $50!  I still didn't want him to buy it for me for $100!

One of the girls said "those dresses are everywhere for much less"  So E told me to try to find one at the mall etc.

I went to E's house to check on Scuba (E's cat) and there on the counter was a note with $160!  Told me to take what I need and maybe when I go to NY, I'll find a dress for the cruise!   luvsmile

I searched everywhere, but couldn't find anything even close! 

I went to the flea market and there was the dress!  But the flowers were royal blue and just didn't look the same  Sad

So I looked at the label in the dress and saw the make was "Rubber Ducky"

I came home and Googled!  Found boutiques that carried the brand, but not that same dress!  Even articles that showed "Eva Longoria wearing Rubber Ducky"

Then there was "Rubber Ducky" on Ebay!  So I signed on to Ebay and there was the dress!   Happy Yell

Only thing was, it was a small! So I wrote to the seller and asked if she had a medium and she does!

Got the dress for $65 plus $5 shipping!   Happy Yell

The pic doesn't do it any justice, but I'll post a pic me wearing it on the cruise!   HI5

I'm also not going to tell E I found it!   funny dance

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Coupon on sturdy dog toys
This is where I buy my (almost) indestructable dog toys. I have a lot of them. Mine were able to debrain the octopus within a few days, the alligator took them about a year to destroy, but all the random shapes and starfish have managed to survive intact.


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Rottweiler art for good cause
Got this from an artist I've bought from on ebay. Her original will go for a high price, but her prints are affordable:

I have a very special new painting tonight, a fairy with a Rottweiler dog - one I painted specifically for a VERY good cause - the sale of which (original, prints & canvas prints) 100% of the proceeds will be going to. In addition to the original, the prints AND canvas prints are now available & on SALE!

My kind-hearted step-sister Sonya (also an artist!) rescued a poor Rottweiler pup earlier this year, named "Mokey". Mokey came from the animal shelter, starting off in a bad way, catching & surviving kennel cough, but she finally pulled through and was rescued by Sonya. Mokey is a very good, cheerful doggie - such a sweetie, very thankful for her new life! Unfortunately Mokey has now been diagnosed with very severe hip dysplasia. Her only chance is a prosthetic hip joint which will replace her upper leg and left hip. She's been cleared by the local university as being an excellent candidate for the surgery, but unfortunately it is very very expensive. Once she gets it though, she will be set for life! Mokey has been through so much in her short life, we really want her to be happy and healthy, so Sonya and her family (and mine!) are all doing what we can to raise the funds needed. They're having yard sales, etc. up in Kansas City, but since I couldn't be there, I'm doing my part by painting this special painting - "Fairy with a Rottweiler" - 100% of the proceeds of this painting (every single penny) and the subsequent print sales will go straight to Mokey's surgery. "Fairy with a Rottweiler" is a 12"x16" painting (acrylic on a sheet of canvas) and is up for sale on eBay - a seven day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - ending on the evening of Thursday, November 15th at 7:45 PM CENTRAL TIME and you can see her here:

"Fairy with a Rottweiler" ORIGINAL PAINTING:


I'm also releasing the Limited Edition Hand Embellished CANVAS Prints of "Fairy with a Rottweiler" - 100% of the proceeds go to Mokey's surgery with these as well. I'll probably auction off the #01 print later, but the other numbers are available right now - each is about 11"x14" - printed on a sheet of canvas, which I have then hand embellished with acrylic paints, signed and numbered. You can see them below:

"Fairy with a Rottweiler" Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints:


I also have "Fairy with a Rottweiler" available as one of this week as SALE prints! Again, even with these prints, 100% of the proceeds are going to Mokey's surgery fund.

"Fairy with a Rottweiler" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10:


"Fairy with a Rottweiler" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20:


Every little bit, even just a single print, can help a lot - and you get a piece of lovely fairy & doggie artwork in the bargain. Thank you all so much!

silver dog ornaments on sale---Christmas
I like for my tree to have a reflective quality, so I'm always on the lookout for stuff like this. I liked these at the original price, but couldn't afford them for all my dogs. Last night I ordered 14---eleven will come monogrammed, and three will be plain for the future. I spent $51.00, including shipping.


Best price on crates I have ever seen!
A fellow rescuer sent this to me.  They have 42" wire crates for as little as $41 !!

Their X-Pens are a great price too.  http://www.fortresspetcrates.com

If you need to add an extra crate, at this price there is no reason no to go ahead and get one.

May lick you to death
 rotfl I loved these .......


Dog House
I thought this was fasinating


Another Fishy Search
Cooper's favorite toy in the entire world is the AKC Trout. He picked it out all by himself at Petco a few years ago and he was soooo happy when fishy came home with us.  I've looked everywhere and I can't find another one. I even called AKC but all they make now is the "mini" size, and of course we need the large one. Does anyone have any ideas (other than that I'm a crazy person).

Saw this on another message board...
...and thought I would pass it along:

from www.edun.ie

EDUN is a socially conscious clothing company by Ali Hewson and Bono with New York clothing designer Rogan Gregory. Two years in the planning before its launch in spring 2005, the company aims to bring the issue of sustainable employment to the world of catwalks and high fashion. This is conscious consumerism, with a radical and crucially stylish twist.

EDUN grew out of a desire to shift the focus away from aid in the developing world, particularily Africa, to trade. It is an attempt to help deliver the fishing rod rather than the fish. For instance, "Africa has lost six per cent of the world trade since the seventies, " Ali points out. "If they could regain one per cent of that, Africa would earn $70 billion a year. They currently receive only $22 billion a year in aid."

EDUN is utilizing locally-run factories in Africa, South America, and India. These factories have all been personally inspected and approved by the EDUN team, ensuring that they operate on sound business and ethical bases. EDUN is a for-profit initiative with an attempt to create a business model others will want to replicate, which will encourage reinvestment in the work force of the developing world.

the OFFICIAL DA spring '06 fundraiser!!!!

Want to do something that treats your dog AND helps Dog Addicts?

Buy one of these treat packages and all profits go to support the operation of DA!!!
Come on guys, it's an easy way to get some great treats for your dog (dogs), and help out Dave and Terri at the same time.  They spend a lot of effort, time and money running this forum, and making it a happy, informative, and safe place for us to gather.

We'll have three packages to choose from. Place orders May 3rd thru May 15th, and we'll ship by May 22nd. It's as simple as that.
Sorry, we cannot ship to Canada this time.

No substitutions on products, but there will be flavor choices.


PM me, or email orders to charbatt@msn.com. (my personal email). Put "DA" in the subject line.
Copy to Kim H via PM or email (kheys51@yahoo.com), and she'll help me keep up and not lose anything!
Please include your real name and mailing address, method of payment, which package you prefer and any special flavor choices. Packages will be shipped by US Mail.

1) Visa/Mastercard/Discover: email in two parts, or call 704.375.3249 and leave on my voice mail. Voice mail operates 24 hours a day, so you can call anytime after hours as you please. (Truthfully, it would be better for me than taking calls during the day, no offense!)
Definition of "two parts": first email should contain first 3 sets of four digits, second email should contain last 4 digits and expiration date.
2) money orders. Mail to:
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You get some of the finest all natural training treats and cookies available--for less than retail, and they're shipped right to your door. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING!!!!!

Package 1: (4) 4 oz Wilderness Real Meat Treats for dogs for $20.00;


Package 2: (5) 3 oz Wilderness Real Meat Treats for cats for $20.00; (same recipe, smaller pieces, excellent for small dogs);


Package 3:
(2) 1# Buddy Biscuits,
(1) 8 oz Beagle Brothers Delights (biscotti),
(1) 1# Canidae Snap Biscuits,
(4) Wilderness 4-oz (or 5 3-oz) treats,
for $50.00.

Flavors are limited. This is what you will get if you don't request differently.

Package #1
2 fish/venison
1 lamb
1 beef
These are the only flavors available. You may change quantities.

Package #2
3 lamb liver
1 lamb
1 beef
These are the only flavors available. You may change quantities.

Package #3
Buddy Biscuits--peanut butter madness and minty madness
You may change to veggie, molasses, sweet potato, bacon and cheese, or chicken.
Beagle Brothers biscotti--choose one
Cranberry Crunnchers, Veggie Nibbles, Crazy for Coconut, Canine Cluckers, Banana Mutt
Snap Biscuits--chicken ("regular" flavor)
You may choose lamb instead.
Wilderness--same as #1 or #2.

Because you LOVE being a part of Dog Addicts!!!!!

Mary Mac

Pictures follow. The picture of the cat treats shows 4 bags, but the package is for five bags.

Spring Fundraiser!

Fishie - help me find a new stuffie
Hi All waving

I know it has been ages since I last checked in.

I'm looking for some help.  This is Pandora's fishie.  She really loves her fishie.  I've sewn it back together many many times.  The problem is ... the only store that I've ever seen carry them is the little pet supply place near my in-laws.  Clear on the other side of the country.  (Vancouver)  I've asked that they send one here but... she's a dog hater ... and so that's not going to happen... I'm turning to the Dog Addicts crew for help.

I would really really like to find an online supplier of "the Fishie" 

He's just about 23" long and has two squeakers in him.  He's also had a patch job and has lost at least one fin.  I think our last one was a red one.  So he may come in other colours.  Something about this toy really gets her going.  All other toys are ignored but when she is in a mood
  It's always Fishie who bites the dust.

Please Help.  fishslap

Looking for a cool collar
I want, no NEED, a new collar and leash for Gypsy.  Hers are getting frayed. 

This time, I want to spring for a leather collar. I want some decorations on it--not spikes, but decorative studs.  Has anyone seen anything like this?

I saw one that is black leather with heart-shaped studs on it that I liked.

Come on guys, give me some sites to check out!!

where can I
find some really tiny yet cute doggy clothes.  its freezing here for the baby chihuahua right now

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from the pet pages at wannafindit.

click here for the pet page at wannafindit.com

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